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Welcome to, the home of Clayman's dive watch collection. If you've found your way here you are probably a fan of dive
watches like I am.  This site is about my own watch collection. My collecting preferences are vintage dive watches, especially military issued
and dive watches "of military interest". These include civilian versions of military watches, and other non-issued watches that are popular with
various military personnel.

I created this site primarily for my own entertainment, so you'll see other military and dive related stuff like oceanographic exploration, old
scuba diving TV shows and movies, vintage photos and interesting postage stamps. I hope you find the site entertaining as well. I invite you to
take a look around, and visit regularly, as this is a work in progress and I plan to continually add more material.

Thank you to all my friends in the watch collecting community for their help in finding some of these great watches and providing information
about them. Please sign the guestbook, and thanks for lookin'.

SITE NAVIGATION: At the bottom of every page you'll see a diver's flag. Clicking on the flag will bring you back to the "home
page" (this page). Just below the diver's flag you'll see a picture of Lloyd Bridges, star of the TV series "Sea Hunt". Clicking on
Lloyd's picture will take you to the Site Index. Hopefully you'll find navigating the site easy to understand.
SCUBAWATCH NEWS: has been recognized by the famed internet watch talk forum with their highest award of
achievement. We've been
permanently banned! We have no idea what actions may have led to this reward, as the powers that
be have not yet responded to our inquiries. We wait with much anticipation while basking in the glory of the following official

“Your prior actions have resulted in you being permanently banned from this forum.”

Thank you to all who helped us get here.
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